Dance Programs

Introductory Program: This program is designed as an introduction to the popular social dances. This allows your teacher an opportunity to take care of your immediate dancing needs and to evaluate your future ones.

General Variety Program: This program is designed to develop a few basics of the most popular dances. Emphasis is placed on the three most important elements of dancing, namely; foot positions, timing and leading / following.

Associate Bronze: This program is designed to develop movements around the floor, with much more variety, technique, footwork, and your first introduction to styling. This is a popular program for the person that wants to get on the floor with some variations.

Full Bronze: Bronze is the full social standard. It is designed to develop timing and technique in all Social Dances. The styling will make you look and feel comfortable while on the floor. It will strengthen your lead and/or follow to the point that no matter who your partner is, what kind of music is playing, or what type of dance floor you're on, you will look poised and comfortable in all popular social dances. It will give you all the confidence you will ever need on the floor. Dancing at this level can be yours to keep, you will never forget the elements of each dance. It is the fun point in dancing when you don't have to think about anything but enjoying your partner and having fun yourself.

Silver: Silver is a dance standard with a high degree of styling. Flashy movements make this standard stand out on the dance floor. Continuity of movement enables a couple to glide around the dance floor with the ability to change directions with ease. Higher level of technique is very important to develop this type of dance.

Gold: Gold Standard is for the Stars! Its intricate patterns are highly stylized. Styling, Technique and Showmanship are necessities in this standard. The smoothness and control make this a beautiful standard to sit and watch. You had better be prepare to work, if this is your standard, but you will truly be regarded as an outstanding dancer able to excel in any dance there is.

International Style of Dancing: This style of dancing is taught and danced worldwide. The beauty of the movements & exquisite styles make this form of dance very desirable. In order to be a proficient dancer in this style, one must acquire precision in his movements & impeccable techniques in his/her dancing.

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