Studio History

Monterey Dance & Event Center was founded by Edward & Michell Stone in 1985 at BoyScout Hall at 8th and Mission Street in Carmel, California. The business has grown steadily, and since 1994 they have been located at 71 Soledad Drive in Monterey. They have taught thousands of students from all walks of life. Learning to dance is fun, it's easy and everyone can learn. If someone can walk, they can learn to dance and learning to dance gives one transformative power over life. Put some fun in your life & the life of your loved ones, LEARN TO DANCE !

Michell Stone - Studio Owner

Michell graduated in Economics from UC Santa Cruz. She is a certified teacher with dual fellowship degrees from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in England (ISTD) in both Latin and Ballroom branches (highly commended). She is also an Examiner for ISTD in the United States, a Certified Scrutineer and a world class competition judge with National Dance Council of America

Ed Stone – Founder of Monterey Dance

Ed began teaching for Arthur Murray Dаncе Studio, Inc., in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia. He became a Certified Judge in 1961 and later became Arthur Murray's Regional Dаnсе Chairman. Between 1976 and 1983, Ed was a member of Arthur Murray's International Dance Board. Ed holds a dual doctorate in International and American style. He dаnсеd Pro-Am until 1976. Mr. Stone passed away in 2011 after a career in dance spanning over 50 years.

Business Hours:
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